The conference Stereotypes and Gender Equality in BiH opened the 2014 Gender Week, highlighting numerous challenges that women continue to face in society.


“The constantly present stereotypes related to gender and prejudices, poor economic and social status of women and the low level of their presence in political life, are worrying trends in the field of gender equality in BiH,” said Samra Filipovic Hadziabdic, the director of the Agency for Gender Equality of BiH, at a press conference the opening of Gender Week .

BiH Parliamentary Assembly hosted an exhibition of BiH women artists. The artwork was selected by Sabina Ćudić. Documentaries and art video clips were played at the Visitor’s Centre.

Small Library was featured in the Hall of the Parliament, comprising around 30 titles of professional literature on gender equality and gender issues; works on feminist theory; as well as international and domestic titles promoting women’s emancipation. The titles were selected by Zlatan Delić, Master of Gender Studies

For the first time in BiH, the Committee on Gender Equality of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, at the initiative of the OSCE Mission, presented awards to champions of gender equality, Nejra Kadric, Sandra Dukic and Fatima Gusic.