The two-day international workshop organised  in partnership between the EU TAIEX Unit and the Gender Programme IPA 2010 was organised in March in Podgorica. The workshop was a dynamic, interactive discussion on the criteria of EU and their implementation. The keynote speaker at the workshop, Marije Cornelissen, Member of the European Parliament, presented her Report on women’s rights in the Balkan accession countries and the countries represented at the workshop had an opportunity to react to it.

Below you can find the agenda of the workshop and the adopted Joint Statement:

Agenda, Conference Womens Rights in Balkans, 27-28 Nov 2013 ENG FINAL

Joint Statement, Int. workshop on EU criteria for gender equality, Nov 27-28, 2013

Speakers’ presentations:

Criteria of equal criteria of political participation

Effective Implementation

EIGE Presentation

presentation Montenegro nov 13


Here are some photos from the workshop: