Gender action plan of BaH 2006 – 2011

On 14 September 2006 the Council of Council of Ministers of BiH has adopted the Gender Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006-2011 as a strategic document in the area of gender equality in BiH, which is periodically drafted in accordance with the obligations stemming from the Law on Gender Equality in BiH, and it is developed by the Agency and entity Gender Centres. The GAP BiH is harmonised with the obligations and international standards stemming from the UN, European Union and Council of Europe documents. The core aim of the GAP BiH is to achieve the principle of gender equality in BiH in 15 areas of public and private life. The activities for each area are identified, as well as responsible institutions and partners pursuant to the levels of government and constitutional system of BiH and its entities.

The specific obligations pursuant to the  GAP BiH have been submitted to all competent institutions. Also, at the regular training on gender equality for civil servants conducted by the gender institutional mechanisms, the representatives of competent institutions and judicial bodies are introduced to their obligations stemming from the Concluding Comments and Recommendations of the UN CEDAW Committee, as well as from the GAP BiH.



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25. Februara 2014.