Gender action plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013-2017

naslovna GAPGender action plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013-2017 is a strategic document containing goals, programmes and measures for the realization of gender equality in all areas of social life and work, in the public and the private sphere. GAP BiH provides guidelines for the development of annual operational plans at the entity, cantonal and local level. 

GAP BiH follows priorities of all levels of government in BIH, relying on GAP BiH  2006-2011, State and Entity development strategy, European Union (EU) Strategy for equality of  men and women and other relevant  strategic documents of the Council of Europe (CoE), EU and  United Nations (UN).  This strategic document still contains all areas of social life but prioritized and cross-cutting areas   were defined, as well as areas related to  strengthening the system, mechanisms and instruments to  achieve gender equality and strengthening co-operation and partnership. In this manner, the  obligations of institutional gender equality mechanisms were clearly defined, as well as the  obligations and responsibilities of competent ministries in each priority area. GAP BiH 2013-2017  contains three strategic goals defining priority areas of activities—namely, programmes and measures needed to realize each goal.


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16. Maja 2014.