Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the sixth time in continuity is publishing the bulletin “Women and Men in BiH”, which includes data from a variety of statistical and other areas categorized by gender. The data give a brief presentation of the status of women and men in BiH society.

Through this publication, the Agency for Statistics of BiH seeks to give a specific contribution to the achievement of equality between the sexes. The bulletin consists of the following chapters:

population, health and mortality, education, employment, social welfare, living standard, political power, local elections in 2012, public administration, justice and violence against women. In it there are tabular and graphical representations of data, and in addition to absolute data disaggregated by sex, a percentage of the sex distribution is presented as well.

This bulletin can serve as a source of information for all users interested in the status of women and men and gender equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Law on Gender Equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina is passed in 2003. The law regulates, promotes and protects gender equality and guarantees equal opportunities for all citizens, both in the public and private domain of society, and preventing direct and indirect discrimination based on gender.

Article 18 of this Law states that all statistical data and information collected, recorded and processed in state bodies at all levels, public services and institutions, public and private corporations and other entities, must be presented by gender.

Most data presented in this publication are the result of the survey carried out by the Agency for Statistics of BiH, as well as existing statistical documentation, and for them there is no specified data source. A small portion of the data is taken from other state and entity institutions whose name is listed under the tables and graphs. We hope that this publication will contribute to improvement of gender equality and advancement of status of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.