Gender-responsive budgeting for youth


Manual for monitoring and evaluating youth policies and strategies by applying the principles and methods of gender-responsive budgeting serves as an educational, practical and informative resource to be used primarily by young men and women included in the process of  creating, monitoring and analysing youth strategies by monitoring and analysing allocated budget funds, but also by all who wish to improve their knowledge and skills for starting and implementing a gender-responsive budgeting initiative.

The Manual consists of four sections: 

• Section 1: Youth policy, providing an overview of indicators which represent the elements recommended  or developing a national youth policy, and which can also be applied on a local level; definitions of youth  strategy and youth policy, legal framework of adopted youth policies and strategies, and a detailed   overview of the process of developing a youth strategy on a local level.

• Section 2: Youth and gender equality,  roviding a more elaborate explanation of the role of gender equality  in strategic approaches to youth problems and issues, offering basic information on the budget and the  budgetary process in the three observed  ountries, and introducing the concept of gender mainstreaming  and gender-responsive budgeting as its constituent part, with explanations of the concept, features,  advantages and importance for youth strategies.

• Section 3: Methods, instruments and tools of gender-responsive budgeting, being the main section of  the manual, provides detailed descriptions and explanations of the most commonly used approaches,  instruments and  ethods for gender-responsive budgeting, with examples pertinent to the areas where  a strategic approach to youth is employed; giving an overview of the characteristics of gender-responsive  budgeting, including examples from European,  on-European and regional practice, and, finally, a system  of monitoring and evaluation tailored for gender-responsive budgeting in youth strategies.

• Section 4: Practical application of gender-responsive budgeting in  outh policies and strategies,  providing numerous examples of analyses, checklists, programs and matrices for practical application in  the process of gender-responsive budgeting in different areas and on different levels.


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8. Maja 2014.